About Us at Jamestown Machinery

When in need of a new machine, companies often believe they need to purchase brand new equipment. However, there are many used machines entirely capable of producing good work. Jamestown Machinery seeks to buy or broker machines other companies get rid of due to lack of space or a need for a machine with different or greater capabilities. These companies recognize the potential their machine still has but don’t have the time or means to market it. Jamestown helps by either buying the machine outright or selling it from their floor.

About Us

Jamestown Machinery is a small business with one owner. We have grown cautiously, testing the theory that when supplied the service of finding good machines, companies can then use those machines to make money. We have been in business for 19 years. We are based in Jamestown, PA and also have a warehouse in Meadville, PA, in close proximity to 100 small tool and die shops.

As a trained engineer, I place my company’s basis on the analyzation and solving of problems. My goal is to work with the customer, almost as a member of their organization, to discover what they need and supply them with a solution to the best of my ability. This differs from many other salesmen who simply try to get another sale.

Difference Between Us & Other Used CNC Machine Dealers

I’ve worked with other used salesmen on deals and know sometimes they are purely driven by just getting a sale.  At Jamestown, we believe we are finding a solution to a problem and filling a specific need. If our machine doesn’t fit the application, we don’t try to force a sale.

I want Jamestown Machinery to be the company that you can trust. I believe when I present a machine to a company, remaining honest about its condition, and a customer determines it is capable of doing they work they need for their business, then we have the grounds to put a deal together.

I’ve worked with competitors before, partnering on machines with them. There are some competitors I would gladly work for or hire to work for me however there are too many purely focused on their own bottom line. I feel that if I focus on being fair, providing the service of presenting machines, the right combination of machine and buyer will come together. If I buy the machine for the right price I can continue to make a living by satisfying each buyer’s need.