Primarily buying and selling used cnc machinery, while concentrating on used Haas CNC machines.

Jamestown Machinery

Jamestown Machinery, Inc. sells Used CNC Machinery often used in machine shops, tool and die shops, mold shops, manufacturers, etc. The company was started in 2001 by John Krygowski, who had sold new machinery for local distributors. John’s CNC background was primarily representing and selling the Haas and OKK lines. Jamestown Machinery has diversified into selling other lines of Used CNC Machines & Manual Machines. The addition of another experienced salesman brought opportunities to expand into more lines, such as Mazak Machinery. Now we regularly deal with those brands as well as Doosan, Hardinge, Harig, Mitsui, Bridgeport, etc. We base our business on helping customers in their search for getting good machines capable of producing their products and working to meet their budget for these machines. We also work with distributors of new machines whose customers want to trade in a used machine on a new purchase.

We Buy Machines

We’ll also take your trade-in when you buy new

Contact Jamestown Machinery, Inc at (724) 932-2674 if you are interested in selling your CNC machines.


Thank you for being honest with us, the Haas VF-0 is as clean and nice as you claimed. We have used it for over a month, and are more amazed with it every day. Cal Higgins

Industrial Alloys, Inc

Thank you, the Sharp LMV Knee Mill is exactly as you described. The machine is working great, not sure how we got by without it! Dan Freeman

M&D Machining, Inc

The Quick Turn 20 is up and running great. If you come across a 12” or 15”chuck Mazak, possibly a Quick Turn 35 like we have here, please let me know. Jeff Donovan

Diversified Manufacturing Systems, Inc