Mitsui_MH200_JRS1119_front1Mitsui_MH200_JRS1119_front rightMitsui_MH200_JRS1119_handles1Mitsui_MH200_JRS1119_wheelMitsui_MH200_JRS1119_chuckMitsui_MH200_JRS1119_chuck labelMitsui_MH200_JRS1119_topMitsui_MH200_JRS1119_droMitsui_MH200_JRS1119_ht handleMitsui_MH200_JRS1119_ht handle closeMitsui_MH200_JRS1119_SN tagMitsui_MH200_JRS1119_motor tag

Mitsui Surface Grinder Model MSG 200MH

Very nice Japanese top quality grinder. Available from a retiree who used it in his garage shop.

Product Description

  • 6 x 12 travels
  • 1Kw motor = 1.34 hp
  • 0.0001″ vertical increment
  • Walker electro-magnet chuck
  • Walker control
  • Mitutoyo 1 axis dro
  • NOTE: The wheel handle was broken by riggers and a new one is on order.