VF2_01_JJM front 1
VF2_01_JJM front 1VF2_01_JJM front 3VF2_01_JJM front leftVF2_01_JJM left backVF2_01_JJM right backVF2_01_JJM front rightVF2_01_JJM controlVF2_01_JJM software verVF2_01_JJM y axis coverVF2_01_JJM tableVF2_01_JJM spindleVF2_01_JJM manualsVF2_01_JJM inside right backVF2_01_JJM inside left backVF2_01_JJM inside bottom frontVF2_01_JJM inside bottom backVF2_01_JJM coolant tank

Haas VF-2 2001 or 2011 or 2017? Upgraded control.

The previous owner paid to get the latest software that was available for this control and its computer boards. It was done in 2019.  The series, M17, was original in 2011.  The version M17.07A was the last upgrade, done in 2017.

Product Description

  • Unique machine because of the updated software – see below.
  • Travels: 30″ x 16″ x 20″
  • 20hp
  • 2 speed gearbox
  • 10,000 rpm spindle
  • High intensity lighting
  • Rigid tapping
  • 1 MB memory
  • Programmable Coolant
  • more.