Haas TL2_08_24k_JJ181213_front
Haas TL2_08_24k_JJ181213_frontHaas TL2_08_24k_JJ181213_front2Haas TL2_08_24k_JJ181213_front leftHaas TL2_08_24k_JJ181213_leftHaas TL2_08_24k_JJ181213_back leftHaas TL2_08_24k_JJ181213_back rightHaas TL2_08_24k_JJ181213_rightHaas TL2_08_24k_JJ181213_front rightHaas TL2_08_24k_JJ181213_chuckHaas TL2_08_24k_JJ181213_tool postHaas TL2_08_24k_JJ181213_tail stockHaas TL2_08_24k_JJ181213_handlesHaas TL2_08_24k_JJ181213_controlHaas TL2_08_24k_JJ181213_control buttonsHaas TL2_08_24k_JJ181213_steady rest

Haas TL-2 CNC Tool-Room Lathe – SOLD

Haas 2008 Used TL-2 CNC ToolRoom Lathe

Don’t let the color concern you.  The shop used a certain coolant for a few months and it ate away the paint.  The machine performs without issue.  It is available because the owner traded it in on a fully enclosed Haas CNC lathe.

Tailstock, automatic tool turret, steady rest.

Product Description

2008 Used Haas TL-2 CNC Tool-Room Lathe

  • HP 10
  • Spindle Speed 1800 RPM
  • Travels  8″ x 48″
      X: 8 inch
      Z: 48 inch

Equipped With:

  • 8″ 3-Jaw Chuck
  • 4-Station Automatic Tool Turret
  • Tail-Stock
  • Steady rest