Acer_618_SN199_frontAcer_618_SN199_spindle1Acer_618_SN199_spindle2Acer_618_SN199_chuckAcer_618_SN199_chuck labelAcer_618_SN199_handlesAcer_618_SN199_controlAcer_618_SN199_DROAcer_618_SN199_walker controlAcer_618_SN199_leftAcer_618_SN199_rightAcer_618_SN199_backAcer_618_SN199_SN tag

Acer Surface Grinder AGS-618 Sony 2-axis DRO. Electro-Magnetic Chuck

Serial Number 97030199.  Nice surface grinder that was taken out of service due to product change.

Product Description

  • Sony 2-axis DRO.
  • 5″ x 12″ Walker LBF electromagnetic chuck – Fine division.
  • Walker variable electric chuck control.
  • Manufactured in 1997.
  • 1 of 2 available