Harig 612_19670_front 2
Harig 612_19670_frontHarig 612_19670_leftHarig 612_19670_right backHarig 612_19670_rightHarig 612_19670_front closeHarig 612_19670_cabHarig 612_19670_droHarig 612_19670_chuckHarig 612_19670_chuck closeHarig 612_19670_saddleHarig 612_19670_chuck controlHarig 612_19670_snHarig 612_19670_back right lowerHarig 612_19670_elec cords

612 Harig Surface Grinder – SN 19670

Serial Number 19670.  Quiet spindle.  One of 5 obtained from a local company that lost it’s major customer and closed down.

Product Description

  • 6″ x 12″ Acurite Qwikcount 1 axis dro.
  • Walker electromagnetic chuck.
  • Walker variable control