Haas SL-30T_07_JF9R200220_front
Haas SL-30T_07_JF9R200220_frontHaas SL-30T_07_JF9R200220_front 2Haas SL-30T_07_JF9R200220_front left (2)Haas SL-30T_07_JF9R200220_back leftHaas SL-30T_07_JF9R200220_back right (2)Haas SL-30T_07_JF9R200220_front rightHaas SL-30T_07_JF9R200220_topHaas SL-30T_07_JF9R200220_inside (2)Haas SL-30T_07_JF9R200220_inside rightHaas SL-30T_07_JF9R200220_tailstock (2)Haas SL-30T_07_JF9R200220_control (2)Haas SL-30T_07_JF9R200220_control buttonsHaas SL-30T_07_JF9R200220_hoursHaas SL-30T_07_JF9R200220_chuck (3)Haas SL-30BB_06_JF9R191220_chuck closeHaas SL-30T_07_JF9R200220_chuck closeHaas SL-30T_07_JF9R200220_barfeederHaas SL-30T_07_JF9R200220_conveyor 1Haas SL-30T_07_JF9R200220_conveyor 2Haas SL-30T_07_JF9R200220_conveyor tag

2007 Haas SL-30T CNC lathe with Bar Feeder *** SOLD ***

COMES WITH BAR FEEDER AND CHIP CONVEYOR.  The 3-jaw chuck shown comes with the machine.  It replaces a collet chuck used by the previous owner.

Product Description

  • 10″ 3-Jaw chuck .
  • 3.00″ bar capacity
  • 30 HP
  • 3,400 RPM
  • Servo 300 bar feeder
  • Tail stock
  • High intensity lighting
  • Rigid tapping
  • Parts catcher
  • Chip conveyor
  • More.