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Source of Fairly-Priced Used Metal Machining Accessories.

After 20+ years of buying and selling used machinery I am now providing used items that are used by tool shops and machine shops.

Jamestown Machinery

In 2001 Jamestown Machinery was started with a simple idea. To help buyers and sellers who realize that used machinery is still capable of making good parts in a way that is beneficial to all involved.And to be an honest, helpful source in the process.


For over 20 enjoyable years I’ve been successful in that venture.I purchased many machines from companies looking to create space for new machines.Used machines were inspected and repaired and sold to customers who didn’t need to buy a brand new machine.


Now comes retirement and the end of an era.


I can still be reached for opinions or advice on equipment and have helped individuals with no strings attached. And I continue to provide tool and die and machine shops with fairly priced items found on my Ebay store.


Feel free to visit it by following the links below.

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